Solar power – you can easily tout its long term savings. How can families on a tight budget afford solar power now?

Does this home look solar powered? You can’t really tell until you look outside.
Does this look solar powered? You can’t really tell until you look outside.

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Solar power necessarily entails acquisition of a lot of hardware and that hardware must be professionally installed. The costs easily rise up to $10,000, $20,000 or more. Once hardware is installed it must be maintained in good operating condition for a long time to realize for benefit.

What is being done for families who want solar power and recognize its benefits in the form of much lower electric bills? If there is a sense of urgency to reduce dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels, and even if homeowners feel a sense of responsibility and wished to get in on solar, many cannot afford the large upfront investment.

This becomes an issue of scale. Some programs have met with success, but the burden is often placed on taxpayers and this may not be a long-term sustainable model, economically, to expand solar.

From Raleigh to Yakutat, the possibility and demand for solar power and green solutions is becoming the norm.

Now, we are looking at renewed interest in renewable and green energy sources and you can expect legacy and new government sponsorship of green initiatives to flourish. From LED lighting to comprehensive green home construction and community creation based on affordable sustainable energy and integration, green affordable housing is on the upswing.